The standout moment of the 2nd Democratic debate and campaign so far – Kamala Harris taking on Joe Biden on race

June 28th, 2019

My immediate betting reaction after watching the second WH2020 Democratic debate was to place a bet on California Senator, Kamala Harris for the nomination.

Her confrontation with ex-VP, Joe Biden, seen in the clip above, is the one that is being focused on by the US media and will surely be repeated time and time again. As can be seen it was personal and powerful and demonstrated her powerful communication skills. It also exposed the frailty of the front runner and current favourite, ex-VP Joe Biden.

Whether it does more damage to the 76 year old Biden than it benefits her we will have to wait and see but it will certainly reinforce Harris as a key contender in a party that is desperate to find someone who can defeat Donald Trump in November next year.

This was the overall verdict of Taegan Goddard of Political Wire:

“Only Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg improved their position in the Democratic presidential race tonight. Both were prepared and very clear in explaining why they were running and what they would do as president. But most important for Democrats, both play to win. They would be formidable competitors to Donald Trump. If I had to pick a winner, it was Harris.

The most experienced candidates on the stage — Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders — significantly underperformed expectations. They weren’t terrible, but they likely lost ground tonight. The remaining six candidates were incredibly weak.”

Mike Smithson