The most accurate pollster at the Euros has Hunt rated better than Boris when compared with Corbyn

June 27th, 2019

New Ipsos-MORI focuses, inevitably, on the CON leadership race. These are some key findings:

  • Both Hunt and Johnson have improved since May in terms of the proportion of people agreeing they ‘have what it takes to be a good Prime Minister.’
  • 31% agree that Hunt ‘has what it takes’ (+12 points since May) and 34% agree that Johnson ‘has what it takes’ (+9 points).
  • However, more disagree that Johnson has what it takes (53%) than Jeremy Hunt (42%). This means that overall Johnson has a ‘net agree’ score of -19 and Hunt -11. This is because a greater proportion ‘don’t know’ how to rate Hunt (10%) when compared with Johnson (3%).
  • Amongst Conservative supporters, their scores are also similar. 53% of Conservative voters agree Hunt ‘has what it takes’, 24% disagree (net score +29) and for Johnson 59% agree and 28% disagree (net score +31).
  • When asked who would make the most capable Prime Minister, both Hunt and Johnson convincingly lead the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
  • When asked to choose, 51% of Brits choose Johnson and 33% choose Corbyn as the most capable PM. This is a gap of 18 points. Likewise, 52% of Britons choose Hunt as most capable PM and 29% choose Corbyn. This is a gap of 23 points.

On voting intention Tories take the lead, BXP drops 4 to 12% nd LDs up 7 to 22.

CON 26 (+1) LAB 24 (-3) LD 22 (+7) BXP 12 (-4) GRN 8 (-1)

Mike Smithson