Corbyn plummets to record low in latest Ipsos-MORI leader satisfaction ratings

June 27th, 2019

Hardly gives confidence if there is an early election

With all the focus on the CON leadership we haven’t looked at the official opposition for a while. Well the latest Ipsos-MORI polling gives us a peg.

One thing this pollster has been doing for decades is always asking leader rating questions in its regular political poll. Today’s numbers show just 18% of the sample saying they’re satisfied with the LAB leader and 75% saying they’re not sets something of a record.

These are terrible figures driven partly, I’d suggest, by the fact that the leader has a very different view of Brexit from the vast bulk of LAB voters and MPs. But he’s the leader and wields a lot of power.

On top of that we have the festering row over antisemitism not helped by the latest news about Chris Williamson –  the Derby North MP  suspended after saying LAB had “given too much ground” in the face of the criticism over antisemitism.

Mike Smithson