Warren moves above Sanders in the fight for the WH2020 Democratic nomination

June 12th, 2019

Now she’s got to overhaul Joe Biden

While all the focus in the UK has been on the CON leadership race there’ve been significant moves in the fight for the 2020 Democratic nomination. This comes as the many contenders, there are more than 20 of them, focus on the first national TV debates between the hopefuls later in the month. These are seen as the formal start of the campaign.

Until now just about all the polling has had former VP, 76-year old Joe Biden with a clear lead over 77 year old Bernie Sanders who out-performed expectations in the fight against Hillary Clinton for the 2016 nomination.  These two men, of course, have high name recognition and many argue that it is this factor behind their ratings.

Now a new YouGov national poll  shows  Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren in second place, behind Joe Biden who leads by 27% to 16%.  Sanders is further behind at 12%.

This is broadly in line  Quinnipiac University national poll that has Warren competing strongly for second place with Sanders.

What has marked out the Warren campaign has been the heavy emphasis on policy rather than just broad platitudes.

Whatever the race will look very different  in the autumn.

In the betting Betfair has Biden as a 30% chance with the Oxford-educated, Pete Buttigieg now in second place on 14% with Sanders and Warren close behind.

Mike Smithson