The CON leadership race is now down to ten with the first MP vote on Thursday

June 10th, 2019

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Does BoJo’s Trappist strategy speak volumes about his fitness?

So we now know the names of the CON MPs who will be on the first ballot. These are:

Michael Gove
Matt Hancock
Mark Harper
Jeremy Hunt
Sajid Javid
Boris Johnson
Andrea Leadsom
Esther McVey
Dominic Raab
Rory Stewart

All of them bar one have been out today talking incessantly about their hopes and plans whilst at the same time finding a chance to have a dig at the ex-Mayor and odds-on favourite, Johnson. The latter is apparently under strict orders from his team to not say anything publicly. The fear is that he might make a gaffe.

I’m not so sure that this approach can be sustained because he’s going to be attacked and attacked over it. You can see the argument. How can someone who can’t be trusted at this stage be allowed to become PM?

Mike Smithson