The first consequence of the Euros – LAB appears to be edging closer to a second referendum

May 27th, 2019

It was inevitable after their drubbing in the Euro elections that LAB was going to have to look at its current policy of ambiguity when dealing with Brexit and the second referendum question.

Remember LAB was at one stage odds-on favourite to come top in the UK Euro elections and even in the run up last week was odds on to beat the LDs to second place.

What is clear is that LAB was not even a close second to Cable’s party and, of course, it lost the former stronghold of London to the LDs.

So something has to give and assuming that McDonnell is talking for the leadership as a whole then it looks as though we could see a change.

One thing about the Tory performance is that MPs would be reluctant to give their votes to a general election. After TMay’s experience at GE2017 the party has little stomach for doing other than trying to see the parliament out till 2022.

Mike Smithson