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Boost for Johnson in the first CON membership poll since TMay announced her exit timetable

May 17th, 2019

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His biggest hurdle’s still getting through the MPs round

Tramadol Online Fast Shipping Quick off the mark we now have the first YouGov poll of CON members following the news that TMay agreed her exit timetable.

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follow The poll was slightly different from the standard. Members who formed the sample were not asked who they would vote for but rather were presented with a list of nine names and asked to rank them. The outcome is in the Times Tweet above.

Shop Tramadol Online Sure Johnson is at the top, no surprise there, but quite a significant part of the sample rated him bottom. If the outcome is Boris as CON leader and PM  he’ll be heading a divided party. We haven’t seen the full poll detail yet but I wonder how many would have rated him at the bottom if fellow Etonian, Rory Stewart, had not been on the list.

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go to site Order Tramadol Online Cod It does say something about the current party that the two names at the bottom both had the same educational background. 

go to link The first challenge, though, for Mr. Johnson is getting though the MP rounds of voting and here we have little data though I’ve no doubt that will be forthcoming.

Tramadol Cheap In the betting Johnson is still favourite but has edged down a touch.

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Mike Smithson

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