It’s now just possible to contemplate that my 32p Euros bet at 990/1 might just be a winner

May 15th, 2019

Just before the local elections I offered political punters on the Betfair exchange Euro election that I’d bet £2 on the LDs at 990 to win most seats in the Euros. This was pure speculation and something I often do. Normally there are no takers but in this came someone came forward and laid 32p of my money at the 990/1 price.

Sure this is still a long shot but the odds have tightened to 38.

The main closing LD strategy is to try to persuade remain backers of all parties that the best way they can use their Euros vote is by voting for the party. If in the next 9 days enough of them switch then the LDs might end up second in the election with just an outside chance of top.

The latest BMG poll has the LDs just 7 points behind BXP which could just be surmountable.

Getting super longshots through is one of the great pleasures of betting and the joy is that you are not risking much cash.

Mike Smithson