TMay makes most of the front pages this morning as reports continue of efforts to oust her

April 10th, 2019

But she’s not going, surely, before the Euros?

Given the fact that we could be seeing two separate sets of elections next month, the locals on May 2nd and the Euros on May 23rd it is hard to see how TMay a can be pushed out before then.

In many way her challenges are not of her own making. It was her predecessor who committed the Tories to a referendum and the 51.9%-48.1% outcome was hardly a mandate for some of the radical ideas of parts of her party.

She is, of course secure from an MP vote of no confidence because of the rule that once she has survived one, as last December, then there cannot be another attempt until a year later.

It was the ERG group of Brexit hardliners who forced that vote Before Christmas which they lost. Surely they would have been in a better position, knowing the rules about the immunity a positive result for the PM would have given, if they had waited until now?

As a general rule it is unwise to mount a coup unless you are confident of coming back with a corpse.

Unfortunately this sort of thinking does not appear to be a quality in some of the hardliners who are now getting restless as we get closer and closer to the deadlines.

Now we must wait for the EU27’s response. Are, as is being suggested, we going to see an extension of a year?

Mike Smithson