With a CON leadership contest perhaps imminent new Ipsos-MORI poll has good and bad news for Johnson

March 27th, 2019

Above is a chart just issued by Ipsos Mori on its latest polling on which of a number of leading politicians appear “Prime Ministerial”. Theresa May, clearly, gets a home advantage because she is the incumbent but Corbyn will not be happy with his numbers which are the worst of all in those who were polled.

Johnson has the most positive rating  of all the prospective CON leaders 24% but also has the biggest negative number  of  64%. This is a serious problem for the Tory Party If by any chance they choose the former Mayor and former Foreign Secretary.

The worst numbers in net terms are those of Michael Gove the environment secretary. So the top two in the betting for next CON leader get the worst ratings.

Mike Smithson