With all the questions over TMay’s future punters it a tad less likely that she’ll be out soon

March 24th, 2019

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But it’s still a 67% chance that she’ll cease to be PM before Brexit

Tramadol Purchase Online Uk There’s little doubt that just about the worst thing that Theresa May has done during her short Premiership was the broadcast to the nation five nights go when she appeared to blame Parliament for the problems in getting her  brexit deal approved. It was that apparent denial of the democratic process that has angered a lot within the House and outside.

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enter site More and more people are commenting on her robotic style and her complete lack of flexibility when faced with a massive issue that will impact on the nation for generations.

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Can U Get Tramadol Online As to whether she is going to have an early exit  that requires the near unanimous view of her cabinet to ask her to go. Even then, knowing Theresa May, she might just stand firm.

go here So the next few days are extraordinarily hard to predict and we have tomorrow morning the cabinet meeting when, if last night reports are to be believed, she is going to be confronted by her ministers. I’ll believe it when I see it.


Tramadol For Dogs Order Online What is dawning on people is the fragility of her situation particularly in view of her own health issues. That she’s able to carry on in the way she does in many ways is amazing but worrying.

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Mike Smithson

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