Surely an Article 50 extension should be used to allow a proper investigation into the legitimacy of Leave’s victory

March 9th, 2019

The UK cannot take such a giant step while questions are still unanswered

One of the thing’s that’s been quite extraordinary since June 2016 is, with one or two major exceptions, that the UK media has been reluctant to delve into questions over how the campaign operated. The result is now that the UK is edging towards leaving the EU with so many outstanding issues still unanswered.

Nobody can say for certain that the referendum outcome was legitimate. This week there’ve been a whole series of new issues raised by C4 News and in the US. That there’s growing evidence that the Russians tried to influence WH2016 some of which links to Brexit is surely a cause for a pause.

That today the Washington Post is running a story under the heading “The more we learn about Brexit, the more crooked it looks” should be deeply troubling to TMay and the cabinet.

We are it seems edging towards no agreement being reached on a deal and a possible request to the EU for an extension of the March 29th deadline. No doubt Brussels will ask what the time would be used for and part of the reason should be to allow investigations in parts of the campaign to be completed.

Mike Smithson