With a cabinet revolt the balance could be moving to Article 50 being extended

February 22nd, 2019

In exactly five weeks time at 11pm GMT the UK is due to leave the EU following the procedure laid down in Article 50. With time running out and the threat of a no-deal getting closer three cabinet ministers have taken it into their hands to break all notions of cabinet government and write a piece for the Daily Mail.

Their action appears to be designed to blunt the plans of the Toey Brexit group the ERG who are using their power and the parliamentary impasse to stop a deal being agreed thus achieving their objective.

The big fight that the Clarke, Rudd Gauke are doing is to make extending the Article 50 timescale their objective.

This all sets things for the next next round of crucial vote in the Commons.

Such is TMay’s weakness that there is little that she can do to keep ministers in line. She, of course, has been absolutely determined to meet the March 29th deadline.

The betting markets rate a no deal Brexit next month at 20%.

Mike Smithson