Ten minisisters ready to tell TMay that they’ll resign unless there’s a deal within a fortnight

January 27th, 2019

The pressure’s now coming from those who backed remain

The Telegraph is reporting details of at telephone conference call earlier this evening by about a dozen ministers who are pro-European. They include Amber Rudd and Greg Clark the Business Secretary.

Basically they want the PM to commit to securing her Brussels deal within just two weeks. If that doesn’t happen then they will resign.The paper’s Steven Swinford notes:

“Ms Rudd and other Cabinet ministers have previously warned that as many as 20 ministers could quit so they can support the amendment tabled on Tuesday by Yvette Cooper, a senior Labour MP.

However the ministers agreed that they were prepared to effectively delay their rebellion over the amendment if the Prime Minister commits to holding a second meaningful vote within two weeks.”

This all comes at a crucial time in the Commons with a series of votes this week.

It is hard to say how TMay will react though this isn’t by any means the first time she has had to face resignation threats.

Mike Smithson