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New polling finds just 28% of GE2017 LAB voters support the party’s stance on Brexit

January 2nd, 2019

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And Corbyn slumps to a post-GE2017 YouGov leader rating low

By Tramadol Online New polling data just made available on the YouGov website shows the scale of the gamble LAB is taking with the party’s stance on Brexit. To the question “Do you support or oppose the stance that the Labour party have taken towards Brexit?” GE2017 LAB voters split by 28% to 25% on whether they supported or opposed.


Order Tramadol Cheap Overnight This is an incredibly low proportion given how important Brexit dominates current politics and the question must be asked whether the leadership could be heading for electoral trouble by refusing to countenance a new referendum.

follow url The poll also has the latest YouGov leader meeting in which those sampled are asked to state whether various party leaders are doing well or badly. Overall 33% thought TMay was doing well 56% saying badly – a net minus 23%. On Corbyn the split was 19% well to 62% – a net minus 43% and his worst figures since GE2017.

    A mongst LAB voters at GE2017 41% said Corbyn was doing well and 45% said badly – a net minus 4%. This is quite extraordinary because you’d expect party voters from 20 months ago to be having a positive view of the leadership. Until now Labour’s strategic ambivalence on Brexit has seemed to work. These latest numbers suggest that this is failing to resonate with voters that the party must keep next time if it is to have any hope of being in government.

Mike Smithson

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