This surely hits the nail on the head – Corbyn would prefer TMay’s deal to go through than risk another referendum

December 22nd, 2018

follow url With this tweet Keiran Pedley, of the PB/Polling Matters podcast sets out what to my mind is a very strong pointer.

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follow url From the LAB leadership point of view the last thing they want is another referendum and if pushed they’d prefer the prime minister’s deal to go through if that was what was required to avoid it.

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    follow Corbyn has been a long-standing opponent of the EU and his half-hearted stance during the campaign is testament to that. Remember that on the day after the referendum in June 2016 Corbyn was calling for article 50 to be invoked immediately – hardly what you’d expect from somebody who ostensibly voted Remain.

Order Tramadol Online Us I’m beginning to think that TMay might not be facing the same struggle to get the deal through the commons as perhaps it looked at before the parliamentary recess.

Tramadol Cheapest Online We dealt with the position of the DUP yesterday and they are surely not going to take action which could possibly lead to a united Ireland. TMay can call their bluff.

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see Add onto that Keiran’s idea that there might even be unauthorised support for the deal from some of Corbyn’s own MPs the idea of it passing does not seem far-fetched.


follow site So I’m now betting that the agreement will be passed by MPs in Q1 2019.

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Mike Smithson

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