New Northern Ireland polling suggests that a no deal Brexit could lead to what the IRA never achieved – a united Ireland

December 21st, 2018

How the Brexit hard-liners are gambling with the Union

Generally speaking Northern Ireland gets ignored in national polls which are confined to England, Wales and Scotland. This is because the party structure in the province is very different with most people voting on sectarian lines.

This Northern Ireland polling from Lucid Talk seeks to test opinion on possible impact of a no deal Brexit on the future of the province and whether there is more or less support for unification with he South.

Lucid Talk is the Ulster’s leading pollster and has been asking its border question for years. The results of its latest survey are very striking and highlight the risk that the UK would be taking if indeed it ended up with a No Deal Brexit.

Amongst the nationalist community 92% said they would vote for a united Ireland and they would be joined that by 10% of the Unionist community.

    The prospect of Irish unification looks set to put a lot of pressure on the government’s supply and confidence partners, the ultra-pro unionist DUP. Are they really going to risk the union in the Commons votes in the New Year?

My guess is not and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them backing Mrs. May. Northern Ireland’s nationalist community does not have any MPs sitting at Westminster. The Sinn Fein ones don’t take their seats.

Mike Smithson