NEW PB / Polling Matters podcast. Looking at the US Midterms with ex-White House Coms director Anthony Scaramucci

October 31st, 2018

This week PB / Polling Matters will unveil a series of special podcasts focusing on the US midterms. These podcasts will vary in content. Some will talk numbers with the pollsters and some will talk the issues behind the numbers with journalists and other political actors.

The first in our series sees Keiran Pedley speak to Anthony Scaramucci. You can listen to the show below:

Scaramucci is a leading Trump supporter, serving Trump in a variety of roles including an infamous 11 days as White House Communications Director in 2017. During their conversation Keiran and Anthony discuss Scaramucci’s new book ‘Trump: The Blue Collar President’ and how Trump commands such loyal support among white working class voters in the U.S. Keiran and Anthony also discuss issues of race and gender in US politics, GOP prospects in the midterms and how the economy will impact Trump’s re-election prospects in 2020 (plus who the president would and would not like to face).

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