The one thing we are not getting st the moment is a clear picture from the polls

October 6th, 2018

So which pollsters’ numbers do you prefer

Conference season is now over and we now face the final few months before Britain is scheduled to leave the EU. UK politics is set to go through a period of turmoil and there’s not an insignificant chance that there could be an early general election.

Mrs. May’s wonderful dance sequence prior to her Birmingham conference speech might have diverted attention for a short while but decisions that could impact on the nation for generations are in the offing. Yet just look at the polls

The Wikipedia chart above shows the extraordinary range of the next General Election voting polls at the moment. We’ve got YouGov which has a 6% CON while the most recent BMG survey has LAB 5% ahead.

I can’t recall in recent such a gap between the parties. A LAB 5% lead against a CON 6% one in two of the latest polls. We also have the LDs in a range from 9% to 13%.

Which snapshot is the best reflection of the public mood?

The great thing is that there’s something for everyone and as I often point out on Twitter – It is a truth universally acknowledged that the most accurate poll at any one time is the one which has numbers which please you most

Mike Smithson