If LAB was really concerned about Corbyn’s 2014 Tunisia coverage then complaint documentation deadlines would have been met

October 5th, 2018

Could the Jewish Telegraph’s coverage have prompted the move?

Now LAB’s alleged antisemitism is back on the news agenda

Yesterday, see top Tweet, the Jewish Telegraph seized on Labour’s failure to follow through on its complaint to the press regulator on the press coverage in August of Corbyn’s controversial 2014 Tunisia visit as almost an admission that the party was conceding that the papers had it right.

This is one of the problems about announcing that you are going to file a complaint. With a high-profile story there will be follow-up coverage particularly one as politically sensitive as this.

Inevitably when there’s no action within the regulator’s deadline then conclusions will be drawn.

I wonder whether today’s effort to ask for more time would have been made if the latest Jewish Telegraph story had not appeared.

A big impact is that after a few weeks when coverage of party anti semitism had almost faded away it is now back on the agenda.

Mike Smithson