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With polls showing a sharply contrasting picture let’s look at the trend in real election with real voters

September 30th, 2018

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Harry Hayfield’s 2018 Q3 review

Tramadol Buy Australia For all the talk of Labour advancing and the Conservatives getting stuck in the quagmire that is Brexit, the fact that in the third quarter of 2018 in the local by-elections there’s been such a tiny swing from Con to Lab really does show that the Westminster bubble is just that, a bubble.


Buy Arrow Tramadol Perhaps this is why the national polls are showing anything from a Con lead of 6% to a Lab lead of 1%, suggesting that people are not confident with either party to lead them towards Brexit. This, if it is indeed the case raises a serious question. Why, despite their good performance in local by-elections, are the Lib Dems missing in action at Westminster?

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Harry Hayfield

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