If Ted Cruz is running ads like this then I’m concluding his campaign is in trouble

September 11th, 2018

After watching that video above I had one overwhelming thought, Ted Cruz knows he is in trouble in his campaign to hold his Senate seat in Texas.

Now why is he in trouble? In 2012 Cruz won Texas by nearly 16% but as we can see from the RCP table, his lead is nowhere near his 2012 performance.

Now as we can see in this poll below Trump’s ratings are pretty dire and that might impact on GOP candidates in November. One thing we’ve learned in recent years is that the supplementary questions are probably a better indicator of election results than standard VI questions. That poll below indicates an absolute shellacking for the GOP if November is seen as a referendum on Trump.

Paddy Power are offering 9/4 on the Dems taking Texas, which I’ve had a nibble on, Ladbrokes are offering 6/4. Long term Texas is trending back to the Dems but I won’t be surprised if Cruz loses this time.