Former long-standing favourite to succeed TMay, Moggsy now down in third place in the betting

June 29th, 2018


More movement on the betting market on who will succeed TMay. For a long period over the past nine months the favourite has been the multi-millionaire who has never been a minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The strong pro-Brexiteer who attracted a lot of media attention has been slipping out of favour with punters as can be seen in the chart. He follows fellow old Etonican, “fuck Business” Boris who previously was the long-term favourite.

The one unknown with this market is when there will be a vacancy. There’ve been lots of rumours, particularly as we have got close to the Article 50 deadline, but so far no Tory MPs have been brave enough to try to force the PM out.

Whether that situation survives next week’s cabinet meeting at Chequers is hard to say – but I would not bet that TMay will have an early exit.

Mike Smithson