Why TMay should choose as HomeSec Nicky Morgan – the woman who criticised her £1000 leather trousers

April 30th, 2018

This could make the passage of the Brexit Bill easier

Two years ago Nicky Morgan got dropped from the cabinet and since then has been one of the most vocal and effective critics of the government’s Brexit policy. It has been said that there’s a huge gulf between them following an argument between her and the Prime Minister over the former’s criticism of Theresa May’s £1000 leather trousers.

Since then Morgan has become one of the key senior players in the House of Commons doing her best to impede Brexit. We don’t know what Amber Rudd is now going to do but she was a keen Remainer and maybe she will join the group that that at the very least wants a soft Brexit.

This of itself makes the parliamentary situation for the PM even tighter for whilst in the cabinet Mrs Rudd would always vote with the government. Now there’s a danger that she could vote against on key issues which given the precariousness of the Tory parliamentary position could be damaging.

The mathematics are simple: If a rebel CON MP votes against the government that is effectively worth two votes – one fewer in the for column and one more in the against.

So as a way of blunting Morgan’s effectiveness the PM should bring her back into the cabinet and what better offer could there be than one of the main offices of state Home Secretary. This was the same rationale for appointing and keeping Boris Johnson in the cabinet although, of course, he is a leaver.

The current betting favourite is Sajid Javid.

Mike Smithson