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The London elections’ betting edges from LAB after reports of an imminent poor poll

April 25th, 2018

see url The poll, part of the YouGov London series from QMUL is due to be published tomorrow though it appears that someone has had sight of it and has spread the word.

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source As it turns out the betting has, in many case, been edging away from LAB winning councils in London since Ladbrokes opened their market in early March.

Cheap Tramadol Canada Ordering Tramadol Overnight Barnet, which was top of the red team hit list has moved from a LAB majority 1/5 to 8/13. The Tories have moved from 5/1 to 13/8 with NOC where it was at the start 8/1

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go to site In Order Tramadol Discount Hillingdon the betting opened with CON and LAB both on 5/6. Now the Tories have tightened to 1.3 with Labour out to 9/4.

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follow Order Tramadol From Uk Kensington & Chelsea the Tories move from 2/5 Con 1/25 which looks fairly emphatic. LAB has moved out from 4/1 to 10/1

get link enter Wandsworth is still seen by the bookies as a LAB win. It was at 8/11 ans is now 4/6. The Tories are 6/4 to hold on to their majority.

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Cheap Tramadol enter site Westminster has seen CON majority tighten from 1/2 to 1/5 with LAB moving out from 6/4 to 3/1

get link The main bookie with markets up is Ladbrokes. The poll is expected to me published at 11am.

Mike Smithson

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