PaddyPower makes it 3/1 that TMay won’t survive beyond the end of March

February 28th, 2018

And it’s 2/1 that there’ll be a general election this year

A spokesman for the bookie said: “Theresa May’s time as PM has been a constant case of one step forward followed by several steps backwards – and that’s just her political viewpoints. The pressure is ramping up on May, and the odds are shortening that she’ll be ousted, prompting another General Election and – likely – another Brexit Referendum.”


2/1 General Election to be called in the UK in 2018

5/2 DUP to remove support for Conservative Government

3/1 Theresa May to be removed as Conservative Leader in Q1 2018

5/1 EU Referendum to be held in 2018

Not sure that I find any of these attractive though there might be something in the DUP bet.

Mike Smithson