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Corbyn wins his legal action against the man TMay appointed party vice chairman only seven weeks ago

February 24th, 2018


The case raises more questions over the PM’s decision It might be remembered that shortly after Bradley was appointed Conservative Party Vice Chairman last month a series of stories appeared about controversial things that he had written on the internet some of years earlier emerged. At the time they were passed off as simply youthful indiscretions.


Can U Get Tramadol Online The case with his Corbyn Tweet that he’s had to go through the humiliating process of publicly apologising to the LAB leader, paying his legal fees and making a donation to charity suggests that Bradley hasn’t learned. It also raises questions about the PM’s judgement.

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Order Tramadol Cod Saturday Delivery If Bradley’s smart he’d resign from the national party post and adopt a low profile for a few months. His actions have made it much much harder for the Tories to make any future attacks on Corbyn by raising things for his past.

Mike Smithson

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