Farage’s surprise backing could put a second Brexit referendum on the agenda

January 11th, 2018

Probably the biggest development this morning has been the comments by the former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, in a tv interview about a second referendum on Brexit.

Generally up until now the only people advocating a second vote at those who are very strongly remain although it is true to say that Boris Johnson in February 2016 supported the idea.

Farage’s reasoning is that a second victory for Leave would completely close down further discussion on the matter and set the seal on UK policy for generations to come.

I am sure that that is right.

Clearly the former UKIP leader thinks that this will be an easy victory for his side and it is hard to say from the polling whether he is right or not. Although that there have been signs of a slight movement towards Remain the general picture has been that the country is still very much divided.

There was one Pan-European YouGov poll in late November that had a 10% lead for wanting to stick with the Brexit referendum outcome.

The big questions are whether Farage’s intervention will have any impact at all on whether such an election takes place before Britain is due to leave at the end of March next year and would the Leave campaign in such a vote be led by TMay?

Mike Smithson