Donald Trump’s re-tweets are going to cause Theresa May some problems

November 29th, 2017

Mrs May will have to publicly repudiate Donald Trump or her opponents will paint her as a friend of racists & neo-Nazis.

One of the few things I like about Mrs May is that she’s been strong on opposing bigotry and racism, a prime example being her changing the police’s approach on stop and search, fundamentally she’s a decent person and privately she’ll be appalled at Trump proving David Cameron’s maxim about twitter, again.

But given the position she finds herself in the post Brexit world, can she risk alienating Donald Trump by criticising his actions and withdrawing the state visit invitation? Labour are already urging her to do that.

As someone who enrages the likes of Britain First and the EDL on sight I know these re-tweets by Donald Trump will embolden them more, this isn’t a story that will just blow away. Theresa May can either condemn Trump now or look like she’s been forced to do so, I trust she will do the right thing sooner rather than later.

Although some of her advisers might tell her to go the Jeremy Corbyn route and just ignore it, given the opprobrium Corbyn received during the general election campaign for his past and current associations, it didn’t stop Corbyn increasing Labour’s share of the vote and seats.