TMay’s plan to enshrine the Brexit date in law looks set to fail

November 17th, 2017

The big Brexit bill showdown at Westminster looks set to be TMay’s plan to enshrine the precise date and time of the exit in the Bill that’s going through Parliament at the moment.

The Times is reporting that there was a stormy meeting with rebel Tory MPs earlier in the week and that this might have to be toned down even though perhaps 7 Labour MPs could back it.

Those against say it would tie the Government’s hand in negotiations. Downing Street is now saying that it will listen to views of those in the House.

Meanwhile it is being reported that Sir Michael Fallon has not taken part in any Commons vote since his cabinet departure more than two weeks ago. In such a tight parliamentary situation this is adding to the problems of the government whips.

There is of course a betting market on whether Britain will be out of the EU on March 29 2019. The current odds point to a 43% chance of this happening.

Mike Smithson