Prize Competition: How long a standing ovation will TMay get at her party conference?

September 17th, 2017

After an election that didn’t quite go to plan “How long in minutes and seconds will the standing ovation be at the end of Theresa May’s main speech at the Conservative Party conference in October?” This is the subject of the latest PB competition.

We’ve got two excellent prizes to give out – “The Times Guide to the House of Commons 2017 Hardcover” which is being published on 21 Sep 2017. Published since 1880, this is the authoritative guide to the 2017 British General Election results, offering a comprehensive survey of a ‘political earthquake’. It includes results by constituency, the winning majorities, the voting patterns and the implications for the future.

This expert account features in-depth analysis from political editor Francis Elliott, a review of the pollsters by Anthony Wells of YouGov, and the history and practicalities of hung parliaments by Dennis Kavanagh.

Please make your entry in the comments section below. Do it in this form “MY ENTRY x Minutes xx Seconds.”

Usual rules apply. On all matters my ruling is final. Only one entry per person. Entries close at 2359 BST tomorrow night.

Once the speech is over and we have a time for the standing ovation entrants who think they are close will be able to make claims.

Best of luck.

Mike Smithson