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It is a mistake to assume that LAB leave voters feel as strongly about Brexit as CON ones

August 28th, 2017

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If it comes to the crunch LAB leavers see jobs as more important

go to site With Labour apparently shifting its position on Brexit a notch or two there’s been a lot of interest about what Labour voters think particularly those who supported Leave at the referendum.

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source site There is not that much polling about where we can see specifically how LAB Leavers view an issue compared with CON ones and those of other parties. One of surveys that had this split and is publicly available is from YouGov last month and is featured in the chart. Those who had voted for Leave were asked if they or one of their family losing their was a price worth paying for leaving the EU.


http://blog.inspirationswholesale.co.uk/tag/natural-christmas/ As can be seen by 47% to 31% CON leave voters told the pollster that this was a price worth paying. LAB voters, meanwhile, split 52% to 23% that it was not a price worth paying. This was the precise question wording:-

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http://creativeandcultural.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1596046632.5763490200042724609375 “Regardless of whether you think such an occurrence is likely, would you consider Brexit causing you or members of your family to lose their job to be a price worth paying for bringing Britain out of the European Union?”

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http://pane-bistecca.com/category/thanksgiving/?print=print-search The CON voter figure is quite striking. That getting on for half feel so strongly about leaving the EU that they are prepared to countenance they or members of their family losing their jobs says a lot about their strength of feeling.

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http://archangel-michael-hospice.com/product-category/school-suppliers?add-to-cart=438 All this is important because in the weeks ahead TMay’s government is going to face the huge challenge of getting the “Great” Repeal Act through the Commons and the Lords and will require very skilled party management. Labour appears to be preparing the ground for a tough parliamentary battle.

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Mike Smithson

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