On the day ICM gave the Tories a 12% lead, YouGov analysis has the Tories losing their majority

May 30th, 2017

If you YouGov are accurate then Mrs May will be announcing her resignation in 10 days time

I’ve never known anything like it. Such divergent figures from two pollsters, this is the sort of stuff that destroys reputations. YouGov had the Tory lead in the 20s a few weeks, if Mrs May does lose her majority then she really will be the worst Tory leader in history. To lose David Cameron’s majority against Corbyn, that’s just shocking, but after GE2015, Brexit, and Trump, we should learn not to take anything for granted.

I have doubts about these findings from YouGov because it doesn’t match up with the supplementaries/leader ratings.

No one can accuse the pollsters of herding at this election.