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The Tories’ current odds-on status in Copeland doesn’t square with the party’s rubbish performances since GE2015

January 21st, 2017

How the main two have done in LAB defences since GE2015


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The CON performance in seats its defended since BREXIT

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And the local by election performance since last May’s elections

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Latest Betfair odds

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Tramadol Buy Cod This latest betting move has been sparked off by press reports of LAB party canvas data. That, if true, came presumably from information gleaned before the candidate, was selected. Now that a local doctor and anti-Corbynite has been given the job then things could be different.
    http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_about_ Cheap Soma no prescription next day delivery One factor that could impact on Tory organisation in a very remote part of England is that the party will be extremely cautious about sending professional organisers from outside given the continuing investigation into election spending following the Michael Crick investigations.

follow url The Tories could also be hit by the expected high-octane Lib Dem campaign aimed at REMAINERS. This seat is next door to Tim Farron’s and he’s a well known figure in the county and his party are going to fight hard to keep its by-election momentum going.

source site I am reminded by how the pundits were telling us just over a year ago that LAB was vulnerable to UKIP in Oldham West. Then we had Tooting where pundits were saying that the Tories had a chance in Sadiq Khan’s old seat. What happened – the LAB vote went up in each case.

click here Many pundits also had Richmond Park totally wrong and the view was that Zac/CON was going to hold on. He lost badly.


Tramadol To Buy Cheap Holding a seat for a party of government used to be a real struggle. Taking one from the main opposition party is an even bigger ask. Yes of course the Tories have chance in Copeland but not a 61% one.


Mike Smithson


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