Not long to go until those end of year political bets are resolved

December 30th, 2016


What wagers have you got outstanding?

At the end of the biggest political betting year ever we’ve still got pile of wagers to be resolved and that won’t happen until midnight tomorrow night. These are ones relating to whether things will or will not happen during 2016.

My main one has been on Article 50 not being invoked during 2016 – a bet that saw a fair bit of activity until TMay’s CON conference speech in October when she announced the March 31st 2017 deadline. In the weeks after June 23rd there was a broad assumption in some camps that the process would start pretty quickly and this was odds-on for a time.

My other end of year bet was the 10/1 wager placed at the end of February that Osborne would not be the Chancellor at the end of 2016. Well that came home in July and Hills paid up then. Just about nobody would have predicted that he would end the year without being in any ministerial post.

What about other PBers? Have you got bets that will be resolved at midnight tomorrow?

Mike Smithson