Anatomy of parts of the biggest ever political betting event

November 9th, 2016

The total amount matched was £199,232,591

The reason the Clinton and Trump amount figures in the charts don’t add up to the overall total is that there were, of course, other possible and actual contenders.

    Another bookie, Sporting Index, has reported a successful US presidential election night with Donald Trump’s win set to result in a six figure profit for the leading spread betting company. I am sure that all PBers will be delighted to hear that news!

Normally bookies only ever tell us when they have lost almost never when they have won.

The firm were best price on Hillary Clinton for two months and still ended up with a pro-Hillary book. There was unprecedented interest in the election and a huge number of bets were taken after 10pm on Tuesday all the way through to the early hours.

Mike Smithson