Round up of 65+ polling on the man 56% of his backers think is going to lead LAB to a GE victory

September 4th, 2016

Different pollsters, different questions same picture

A few days ago I Tweeted a 65+ breakdown from a recent poll and found myself being attacked for highlighting a small sample subset with all the inherent possibilities for distortion. Fair enough.

So I’ve gathered the oldies data from the latest polling and put in into one chart with comparison on TMay. What’s striking is how similar the picture is from each of the surveys. The oldies simply haven’t taken to the party leader who is of their generation but they are strongly for the new Tory leader.

Note the the surveys ask different questions. ComRes and the PB/YouGov polling used the favourabilty format. Ipsos MORI sticks to its satisfaction question that it has used since the 1970s while the Times YouGov Scotland poll has the well/badly format.

The voting numbers show a very similar pattern. Labour under Corbyn is struggling most with older voters who, as we all know, are the most likely to turnout.

Another issue with the 65+, segment is that its importance ratchets up with each election because increasing life expectancy.

Mike Smithson