New ComRes Indy/S Mirror poll finds Corbyn a staggering 46% behind Theresa May on net favourability

August 13th, 2016

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As the table shows May is a net plus 18% while Corbyn a net minus 28%.

  • 80% of Conservative voters are favourable towards Theresa May, compared to 60% who are favourable towards David Cameron and 55% who are favourable towards Boris Johnson.
  • · 43% of 2015 Labour voters are favourable towards Jeremy Corbyn, compared to 30% who are unfavourable towards him. 17% are favourable towards Owen Smith, against 25% who are unfavourable towards him.
  • · With 76% of Britons unfavourable towards Donald Trump, this makes him more unpopular than Vladimir Putin, of whom 55% were unfavourable towards in November 2015.
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    Mike Smithson