Team Corbyn shouldn’t assume that he’ll get “three quidders” vote like last time

June 29th, 2016

Things have moved on since last September

I’m hearing that plans are afoot by those who want Corbyn out to replicate his very successful campaign a year ago to win the “three quid” vote. These were those who were able to take part in the leadership election by registering as party supporters by paying £3.

Then there was a huge effort by Corbyn backers to get people to sign up and this played a big part in the size of his victory. A year on opponents are planning something similar which could make the election more challenging.

The party’s leadership election rules haven’t changed since last and there will still be provision for people to register and be part of the election. What might change is that the fee could be increased – maybe to £5 or £10.

So far I’ve been unable to establish is whether those who were on the list for the 2015 election will be able to vote in the coming one. One reading, I’m told, is that was a one off list and those three quidders who did not go on to join the party will not automatically be able to do so in the next election.

Overall a new leadership election is going do be nothing like as easy for Corbyn as it was last time. If his opponents do manage to get organised, and they seem highly motivated, then he could have a fight on his hands.

Mike Smithson