With perhaps just 6 months before EURef most people it seems don’t give a damn about the EU

December 22nd, 2015


Just 1% tell Ipsos MORI that EU most important issue facing the country

With perhaps only months to go before Britain votes on whether or not to remain in the EU the latest Ipsos MORI Issues Index shows that those thinking this is Britain’s biggest issue is just 1%. Another 4% named it as one the other issues facing the country but that only makes a paltry 5%.

You’d have thought that with all the effort going into to the campaigns at the moment that this would have figured higher up.

This issues polling is unique in that it is carried out face to face and is entirely unprompted. Those sampled are asked to name what they think is the biggest issue as well as other issues. There is no limit to the number that interviewees are allowed to mention.

The pollster has been carrying out this survey monthly for forty years in the same way and it is widely regarded as the best measure of salience.

Of course things will hot up as Cameron’s EU talks end and a date is fixed for the ballot – but it looks as though campaigners have a lot of work to do getting voters interested.

My reading is that both side have the support of a small number of vocal enthusiasts. Apart from that a large body of people have other matters on their mind.

Is that good for IN or OUT?

Mike Smithson