11 weeks of EURef polling and all but two of the surveys online

November 26th, 2015


We urgently need more mode variation

Above is my latest spreadsheet of all the recent EURef polls. As can be seen the battle is quite tight with, by a smidgeon, the edge at the moment being to REMAIN.

In the period covered by the table there have been nine different GE2020 phone polls yet just two of them have included the EURef voting question.

    Why do they go to all the cost and expense of phone polling and don’t seek to test opinion on what looks set to be the defining political event of this parliament?

As can be seen from the table there’s been a huge difference in the numbers coming from the phone polls compared with the online ones. This is not just a feature of the past 11 weeks. It goes back all the way to GE2015.

  • Note that on ORB the DK figures are down as 0%. This is because this isn’t included in their data which looks as though the option of saying don’t know wasn’t included. To me a forced choice like that seems crazy.
  • Mike Smithson