Corbyn had Cameron struggling on tax credits at PMQs – but then changed the subject

October 21st, 2015


A opportunity missed

Overall Corbyn is doing a better job at PMQs than many of his detractors predicted. Because it is so difficult for oppositions to make the political weather this weekly event is a very valuable peg to get media coverage and mustn’t be wasted.

Inevitably this morning Corbyn was able to quote back at the PM the comments by the young MP, Heidi Allen who used her maiden speech yesterday to record her opposition to what Osborne is doing on tax credits. He then had a follow-up and had Cameron looking discomforted. But rather than press home the advantage Cobyn switched to another point raised by one of those who had emailed him.

This was an opportunity missed.

PMQs is a fine art for opposition leaders and working out the intricacies of all the six question that they are allocated can be very tricky and requires a lot of preparation. He and his team need to think hard and work through a full six question sequence with contingency counter strategies.

Cameron, when he was in that role pre-GE2010 used to do it quite effectively.

Mike Smithson