Now most LAB leadership votes are in Osborne moves to undermine the likely winner

August 31st, 2015

The Tory attack on Corbyn and his party has begun

For the last four months the Tories have been almost totally disciplined about the LAB leadership election. There’ve been virtually no comments whatsoever in public until now. Today, with George Osborne’s Faslane announcement things have changed.

This is Andrew Sparrow in the Guardian:

“Osborne is keenly aware that a new leader saddled with a negative image from the beginning will find it hard to escape such framing. As such, the Faslane visit can be seen as the first step in a Tory operation to define Corbyn as a peacenik security risk.

If the Islington North MP does win, as the polls suggest, the Tory onslaught will go much wider, covering vast tracts of his policy agenda. But Corbyn’s unilateralism is a particularly attractive target for the Tories because a large number of Labour MPs strongly support the nuclear deterrent and would probably defy the whip if ordered to vote against its renewal…”

Osborne, who has moved strongly to become next CON leader betting favourite, has started the GE2020 campaign already.

Mike Smithson