How winning a political bet can get you into trouble

June 28th, 2015

Just don’t tell anyone you bet on your own side losing

I like this story in the Mail on Sunday, Frank Field the Labour MP for Birkenhead and Matthew Taylor, Tony Blair’s former head of policy and who wrote the 2005 Labour manifesto both bet on the Tories winning a majority in May. This has understandably earned the ire of some in the Labour party, who said

‘It is gross disloyalty and they should be ashamed of themselves…..To criticise openly is one thing, but to go out and bet on us losing is appalling.’

We should have paid more attention, when Frank Field said last year of Ed Miliband, voters were ‘repelled’ by the policies of Miliband who was ‘pissing while Rome burns.’

The Mail on Sunday story can be viewed here.