Lord Ashcroft becomes the third pollster in a row not to support the YouGov 4% LAB lead poll

March 30th, 2015

There’ve been three published polls since the Sunday Times YouGov LAB 4% lead poll. ComRes had 4% CON lead last night, Populus had the parties level pegging this morning and now Lord Ashcroft has a 2% CON lead.

So it is starting to look as though YouGov might have been an outlier. We’ll see what the firm’s latest poll has tonight.

It is starting to look as though the Tories are starting the campaign in a strongish position and Labour will be disappointed by the last 24 hours.

What we haven’t seen yet is an online poll since last Thursday’s event to record a CON lead.

ENGLAND ONLY figures @LordAshcroft poll
CON 40
LAB 34
LD 7
GN 7

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