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Labour moves to its best ever position in YouGov’s “blame for cuts” tracker – now just 3% behind

February 10th, 2015

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In October 2010 LAB was 30% behind. In the very early days of the coalition and the austerity programme in 2010 I singled out the YouGov “who’s to blame for the cuts” tracker as a good monitor – because placing the blame on the “past lot” has been such a key part of coalition rhetoric. It is one that I have gone back to regularly especially when milestones are reached.

Tramadol Order Online Tramadol 50G Back in October 2010 just 18% blamed “the coalition” and 48% “the last Labour government”. Today’s figures have the gap down to just 3 points – the best ever for Team Ed.

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´╗┐Tramadol Order Overnight Shipping Given that “the cuts” are going to be one of the key battleground in the next 12 weeks the Tories and LDs can perhaps be relieved that still LAB is blamed more than they are. But a 3% gap is very narrow.

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Mike Smithson

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