EXCLUSIVE: Survation has Mark Reckless moving to a 15% lead in Rochester

October 31st, 2014

Some good news for UKIP after its PCC by-election flop

There’s a new voting intention poll by Survation for the Unite union of Rochester & Strood.

The latest shares (with change in brackets since firm’s last poll on 5 October for Mail on Sunday):

CON 33% (+2), LAB 16% (-9), LD 1% (-2), UKIP 48% (+8), GRE 2% (+2)

The trend is in line with last week’s ComRes Rochester poll which had the lead at 13%.

The poll founds that 25% of 2010 LAB voters said they were supporting Reckless which is the big driver behind the increase in the UKIP share.

News of the poll comes shortly after today’s disappointment for the purples in the S Yorkshire PCC by-election when LAB came home with more than 50% of the vote. UKIP had put a lot into the fight with hard-hitting ads linking LAB to the Rotherham sex abuse scandal.

This latest Survation poll has been commissioned by the UNITE union which is part of a growing campaign to the oppose the inclusion of NHS in the trade agreement between the US and EU. These were the findings.

Mike Smithson

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