More gloom for Scottish LAB from YouGov – but not quite as bad as Ipsos-MORI

October 30th, 2014

Whilst the SNP lead and share of the vote isn’t as impressive as the Ipsos-Mori figures, they will still be delighted with these figures and Labour should continue to be worried.

All of this confirms that predicting the 2015 General Election will be the most difficult for a generation.

What we really need to see is the Lord Ashcroft polling on Lab held seats in Scotland.

If they confirm what Ipsos-Mori and YouGov are showing then I’m not sure what Labour can do stop the tide, especially given Ed’s poor ratings in Scotland, but the fieldwork dates were unfavourable for Labour due to the aftermath of Johann Lamont’s resignation.

But as Lord Ashcroft keeps on reminding us, opinion polls are snapshots.



The news from the rest of the country isn’t good for Ed and Labour either this evening