Lord Ashcroft’s national poll joins YouGov in having the Tories ahead after their conference

October 6th, 2014

As ever, I’d caution about reading too much into polling conducted during and in the immediate aftermath of conferences, particularly with the Lord Ashcroft national poll, which has shown more volatility than most other pollsters. However the Blues will be delighted to have another pollster showing them ahead following their conference.

Additionally Lord Ashcroft has polled on the Heywood & Middleton by-election. Labour will be delighted as with Survation, that their share of the vote is increasing and it is looking like a comfortable hold.

As antifrank noted on the previous thread “As in Newark, Lord Ashcroft’s by-election poll shows both Labour and UKIP at lower levels than Survation and the Conservatives higher.” Which might be something to bear in mind when looking at the Survation Rochester & Strood poll that had UKIP 9% ahead. Hopefully Lord Ashcroft will conduct a poll in Rochester & Strood soon.


Meanwhile for those of us betting on Alistair Carmichael as next out of the cabinet/the current cabinet not lasting until the General Election.