If Scotland rejects independence next week it will be because of the failure to convince women

September 12th, 2014

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By more than two to one women don’t trust Salmond The big difference between the latest YouGov IndyRef poll and the one from last weekend showing a 2% YES lead has been a big switch amongst women voters.

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Order Tramadol Overnight Mastercard As the chart shows YES is almost maintaining a solid lead amongst men, It’s the big move amongst women voters in less than a week that have driven the big change. In the Sunday Times poll NO had just a 6% lead with them. Today’s poll has the women NO lead up to 16%.

Best Site For Tramadol Online The gender divide has been a feature amongst all pollsters in almost all polls since surveys started on the coming referendum. What caused the big change last weekend was that the women on YouGov’s Scottish polling panel had moved sharply and were much less inclined to say NO. That has been reversed in the current poll.

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Cheap Tramadol Mastercard One of the challenges that YES has got with female voters is their lack of trust in Alex Salmond. Look at the gender divide here.

follow link Next poll up should be an ICM phone survey for the Guardian.

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Mike Smithson

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